How to buy litecoins?

Buying bitcoins is not that hard since there are a lot of bitcoins exchanges out there. But when it comes to litecoin or other crypto-currencies it might start to get a bit tricky. There are a couple of virual exchanges that trade litecoin right now but getting your fiat currency into those exchanges might not be possible or very expensive if you are not located in the right country, There are a few ways of obtaining litecoin:

Buy bitcoins on one exchange and trade them for litecoins on another

  1. Buy bitcoins on your local exchange such as coinbase (US), cavirtex (Canada), BtcChina (China) or any other exchange that accepts funds from your country
  2. Transfer them to another exchange that trades both bitcoins and litecoin such as BTC-E, OkCoin
  3. Trade your bitcoins for currency and then trade the currency for litecoins. Some exchanges allow you to trade your BTC directly to LTC

Buy the litecoins in person

If you live a big city, there are most likely people selling litecoins locally. Take a look at the local classified ad sites such as craigslist, kijiji, gumtree or other and see if you can find somebody to trade them to you in person.

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